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Digital Innovation with Control …

“Adopt new technologies effectively or face competitive obsolescence. While there is consensus on the importance of adopting digital technology, most employees find the process complex and slow”
This quote from MIT succinctly articulates the challenge organisations are undergoing in this era of digital transformation. Basically get onboard and move with the new times or you will lose touch with your customers and disappear into the history books. So what makes Digital Innovation so different from any other technology advancements? The main shift is in the focus of innovation technology providers. Technologists are targeting their products or services to Marketeers as opposed to their IT counterpart. ..
ARTICLES , 27 September 2014

Internationalisation, what they don’t tell you …

Having launched a number international websites in France, Germany and USA in both local language & local currency, I have learned a few pragmatic tips along the way ...
#Think mobile first
Have you ever stopped to think how your aesthetically pleasing, content rich mobile site looks in German? Try it using google translate! You will find German words are around 30% longer than English, making your potential German mobile site look like a car crash. One of the challenges we faced In Arcadia & Topshop was how to find the right localised tone of voice that will also render correctly on mobile and desktop sites. By adopting a mindset and having a CMS tool that supports design by screen size becomes ever more ..
ARTICLES , 27 September 2014