Agile Programme Management

Agile Programme Management

We talk about agility, but why is it so critical to successful programme and project management? Digital transformation occurs by radically shifting your business processes, capabilities and tech solutions in measured steps over time. New launches, new customer trends, changeable environments, fresh competitors – your business needs the agility to revise its digital initiatives as and when the market demands it. We understand the business pressures and drivers in delivering agile techniques that allow your business to be proactive, embrace market and operational changes, and establish leading, long-term credentials.

Delivering Value Continually and Quickly

We have delivered complex digital programmes for many leading retail brands. Programmes can stall when the resources, knowledge and availability are lacking. Our process and knowledge remove these issues. We understand that you need to release the digital value quickly and continually within your business. And, we make it happen.

From project and programme managers through to business analysts and change management specialists – we work swiftly and efficiently to deliver your successful digital transformation.

The DFD Transformation Process

  1. Let’s start by defining your company goals:
    • Does this align with the company’s vision?
    • How will it be measured?
    • Does everyone in the company understand this vision?
    • Do they have an idea on the initiatives that will meet these goals and if so, how will they prioritise and test these quickly?
  2. Once your goals and measurements are established – let’s head to your data. Data analysis allows us to learn all about your customers; who they are, how they interact with your organisation, what they want and how we can personalise their experience.

  3. Let’s select the right and most progressive technology solutions to meet your goals based on the data.
  4. Let’s revamp the processes and collaboration tools to compliment the tech (old and new) and reach your goals.

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