Digital Transformation: Business Capability Analysis

Digital Transformation: Business Capability Analysis

Technology is always advancing and (inconveniently) fresh digital competition is always emerging. This leads to the obvious question: “Are my existing systems meeting my current/ future goals?”

It is common to look towards shiny, impressive technology to resolve your perceived needs via claimed automation, artificial intelligence (AI), or machine learning (ML). This misses a vital step. Business capability analysis thoroughly examines what you are trying to achieve (not how), by identifying people, processes and your existing systems interactions and purpose. Only with this knowledge can we isolate the obstacles in your operation. What is preventing efficiency gains? What is wasting both people and capital resources? What is (in some instances) sending you backward?

The Digital Fabrique Development framework is trusted by many leading retailers and allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of how your organisation operates. From technology to working practices; we analyse all elements and produce reliable, qualitative data on how your departments are performing and make robust recommendations for change.


We have industry experts in capability analysis, allowing businesses to gain a better understanding on how their organisation operates, viewing all elements from technology to working practices, producing reliable qualitative data on how the process is performing and recommendations for change.

In every engagement, we ensure:

  • Understanding and alignment to the business goals and drivers
  • Consistency in working practices and repeatable processes
  • Maximum value from the available resources by increasing productivity and reducing the execution cycle
  • Innovation by exposing opportunities to improve the existing processes
  • We validate whether new technology will provide your business with a competitive advantage

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