A One-Size Digital Transformation Team? Not if You want it to Work…

So, you’ve decided to unify your business via digital transformation. Now what? 

Perhaps you’re migrating to the cloud, diversifying revenue streams, removing risk, revolutionising contact centres, data centres, your supply chain, or all of the above. One thing is for sure; you want to remove waste and drive profitability throughout your organisation. But do you need an ERP expert, a change management expert, an APP and WMS developer, an eCommerce expert? 

The answer? It depends a great deal on you.

Anyone who’s had a good crack at digital transformation knows that without the right structure and expertise, things can get really messy really quickly. The pressure is on. Expectations are high. The transformation must release value across your organisation both quickly and incrementally. Waste has to go. Entire processes, departments and attitudes must be revamped – not for the sake of it – but to achieve real transformation with real results. The kind that makes your FD elicit a rare smile. 

The truth is, one company cannot deliver all of your digital transformation needs, albeit they may promise otherwise. Much like the very finest of symphonies, you need a strong conductor and a litany of digital experts to bring your transformation together in perfect harmony.  

The approach must be agnostic. The only agenda – your successful transformation. Everyone must work together. A diverse array of disciplines is required to deliver your unique vision with absolutely zero prejudice to any one department, discipline, or person. 

Ensuring you have carefully selected, impartial and exhaustive expertise saves a lot of time – and we would know. Having delivered digital transformation for many successful businesses – we are big enough to admit we have already made the mistakes and learned the lessons. 

So, what made their digital transformations so successful? 

Humblebrag alert – we did. Or should we say our fresh approach to digital transformation did. 

We don’t pretend to possess every skill-set necessary to deliver a digital transformation as unique as each client. Your people, your vision, your budget – you’re a one-off. Providing the same transformation and expertise just doesn’t work. Real transformation demands that the big picture is broken down into precise manageable chunks with the relevant expert at each helm. What we do is insert the correct expert into the correct role and manage and deliver your digital strategy and business goals. Sounds simple, right? But this is not the traditional or standard approach. Sadly, many businesses have found this out to their detriment tens of thousands of pounds later.

At Digital Fabrique Development, we work with you to identify your goals. We then collaborate with a small but precise consortium of expert and niche companies to ensure we meet them. We don’t work with flashy types who watch the clock and drain your pockets. It’s not ethical and it’s not our style. We work with people who love what they do and know the value of real digital transformation. There is no pretence, no hidden charges – just an honest, expert approach with complete transparency about what we are doing and the niche experts we knit together to ensure the outcome of your transformation programmes.

For a digital transformation as refreshing and successful as it is transparent, why not give us a shout?