Banish Excess and Get the Job Done – This is the Fresh approach to Digital Transformation Engagements

Brands shy away from digital transformation for two reasons: 1) cost and 2) delivery.

These are both good reasons. Yes, we just said that.  

Your permanent teams have their existing roles and responsibilities to worry about. Designing and executing a successful digital transformation is not part of their repertoire and (even if it were) is a full-time job in itself. Traditional DT consultancies caught some bad press. Long-winded, confusing and expensive often springs to mind. Unless you are a huge business with vast resources, the costs can be off-putting. Even if you do have the resources, you don’t need to spend tens of thousands on a successful DT and why should you anyway?

Utilising an intermediary to deliver your digital transformation can be hit and miss, time-consuming and a little dicey with IR35 employment legislation. 

But get past all of this and the rewards are big. Really big. Plus, as a pandemic sweeps the planet – can you even afford not to be digital? 

So, what (exactly) does a successful DT do? In a nutshell, it delivers the agility to weather Covid, Brexit, the competition, customers trends and anything else hurled at your business. Amazon, Netflix, Google – they all know the exponential value of successful DT. They have built an empire on it. And (fortunately) you don’t need their budget to enjoy strong results. 

If you could remove the uncertainty from your business, what would that do?

The difference between successful and unsuccessful digital transformation is in expertise and execution. You need a tight network of experts who have delivered for Missguided, River Island, Arcadia, Jack Wills, Mothercare, Ideal World and more (aka know their stuff). You need a flexible resource model tailored to your unique business aims. We even upskill your internal teams before we hand back the reigns. You need a managed, transparent service that accounts for the resources, expenditure and outcomes. You need pricing that reflects a job well done and not glossy offices and flash cars. In short, you need a transformation that is strategic, effective and optimises your business across every digital platform. 

The specifics:

1) Enjoy a closed network with all its benefits, confidence and first-hand experience of how to successfully get the job done

2) Utilise a lean model – handpicked and tight knit – rather than 100’s of consultants and their fees

3) A strong focus on the right cultural fit – it gets the right results

4) There is no minimum engagement period so you only pay for what you need

5) No expensive offices, flashy cars, or overheads – we pass on these savings directly to you

6) IR35 is also deftly taken care of as we define our engagement and outcomes upfront. 

That is how we deliver a successful digital transformation that removes the uncertainty, relieves the risk and allows you to scale, pivot and predict with the agility that 2020 demands. 

To read how we delivered the digital goods for Missguided and more, please click here.

DFD is an independent team of experts in digital transformation. We deliver a successful DT that aligns smart technology, your business, your people and your processes to drive greater value for customers and your team. 

New business, maximised profits, diversified revenue streams, brand equity – everything is possible with the right approach. Whatever your goals, we deliver real change that achieves your core business capabilities. 

For a successful digital transformation that cements your future, why not give us a shout?