Is Your Business Capable/Covid-Proof/Brexit-Proof/Bulletproof ?

If 2020 has highlighted anything, it’s the irrefutable need to know what is and isn’t important to your business. Once those business capabilities are nailed down – Covid, Brexit and anything else a bit crazy is plain sailing.

Change has happened. It will keep on happening. The only thing you can control is how your business handles it.

People bandy around the term ‘business capability’ a fair bit. The trouble is it can mean one thing to one person and something different to another. Is invoicing a business capability? Is supply-chain? A business capability is simply what your business can do. Forget the how or the who (for now).

It sounds simple. But once you map and collate the components of a capability – the people, processes and systems used to deliver it – cross-departmental confusion ensues. Without a common consensus and clear focus, the likes of Brexit, Covid, or whatever comes next on life’s erratic menu – will throw you a big business curveball. No one is comfortable with the number of retailers who have gone into administration since Covid-19 hit. But just like any business risk – it can be mitigated.

Your business capability model contains the competencies critical to your operation. By identifying your core capabilities (let’s be honest not all capabilities are equal), you yield a razor-sharp focus that prioritises what your business can do. Your transformation can begin.

Is everyone in your organisation focused on what you actually do as a business?

We know how tough it is to harmonize your business model, processes, tech and people. Everyone needs to (not only be on the same page but) understand your business capabilities regardless of what is happening in other parts of the organisation.

Your capability framework is (quite simply) critical to long-term success. It is logical, intuitive and deftly steers your organisation to profitable pastures.

So, what will you unearth?

1) Gaps or weakness ensuring you understand and can mitigate any risks

1) Duplication – where are the inefficiencies in your operation which are hindering the business?

2) A common language throughout your business that aligns business objectives, people, departments and productivity

3) A reduction in cross-departmental friction and politics

4) A Shift in focus to continual improvement by prioritising the right process and system improvements

5) An objective blueprint which identifies what is strategically important to help facilitate fast decision-making

6) How to keep project scope lean (focus on what you need to do)

Once your framework is sharp, you have a clear focal point to begin your transformation journey and deliver what your business can do. That could be selling clothing worldwide, taking online bets, or putting people up for the night (hospitality).

DFD is an independent bunch of experts in digital transformation. We can help clarify a common understanding across your organisation on where your risks and opportunities lie and your focus needs to be. We remove the politics, the naysaying and hair curling costs and deliver a transformation that ensures your business is united, focused and here to stay.

You might want to conquer new markets, diversify revenue streams, or ensure the future of your organisation.. Whatever your goals, we deliver real change that achieves your core business capabilities.

For a successful digital transformation that effects real results, why not give us a shout?