Digital Transformation: All Talk and no Walk?

Traditional digital transformation consultants produced too much of said glazed expression. The dialogue was confusing and the results patchy. The other issue? It can cost the big bucks…understandably putting off many a retailer. It was a little too much talk and expense for our tastes. So, in 2013, we decided to do it ourselves. Only better.

Retailers know the value of successful digital transformation but struggle to connect the dots and elicit real tangible value both quickly and incrementally. Whether you are buying a sofa or some new shoes, life is digital. Bricks and mortar stores have been in steady decline for years – this isn’t news. But Coronavirus was a sucker punch for those who hadn’t already made the successful digital leap. From retail and hospitality to gaming and transport – 2020 has not been kind. Many have scrambled reactively and suffered financial losses but conversely, those in a strong, agile and diverse position have thrived.

Successful digital transformation is the difference.

Having spent 20 years within retail and eCommerce, we have created, led and delivered digital transformation for some big brands. From cost savings and increased revenue YOY through to increased market share and launching overseas – there is no doubt digital transformation can get you where you want to be.

So, is it all modern tech and digital platforms? No.

Real digital transformation focuses on three key areas:


From board to store level, real change needs real support. Stalled projects, time constraints, expense and lack of expertise are just a few of the hurdles. So, how do we do it better?

Well, firstly we know our stuff. From change management, board presentation and setting up agile processes through to waste elimination and implementing the right tech – we have you covered. But it is our values and approach that set us apart. Our emphasis is on a bit less talk and a lot more execution. Execution derived from real experience, understanding and expertise. Offering a competitive and holistic service, we only provide resources where you need them, when you need them. Our engagement is productivity-driven not time-driven. We 100% believe in what we do and have witnessed exceptional results for the leading brands we have transformed (we shamelessly namedrop below). We take accountability throughout the execution of your project to ensure its success and deliver a digital transformation that is simple, strategic and valuable. For a little more detail on the how and who, please click here.

The retail environment is unforgiving, highly competitive and highly changeable. Customer expectations, trends and technology are ever-changing. As 2020 continues to twist, turn and test us – Digital Fabrique Development can help diversify, fortify and future-proof your business so that you are not only ready for the next twist, but prepared and bulletproof.

We have delivered successful digital transformation for River Island, Missguided, Arcadia, Jack Wills and more.

For a bit less talk and a lot more value, why not give us a shout?