Under the Hood of Successful Digital Transformation

Let’s be honest, we would all like to reach more customers and build a business model that stands strong when faced with COVID-19 and the many other challenges thrown our way… 

From getting products quickly to market and waste reduction through to conquering new markets and diversified revenue streams; there are compelling reasons why retailers are looking at the bigger picture.

As we bounce back and adjust to the twists and turns of 2020, retailers are keen to review the store experience, safety measures, how they can learn from customers and ultimately encourage spend and satisfaction.

The digital experience is king (or queen), both online and in-store. Aligning the digital and the physical with your audience, their needs and your brand builds a formidable customer base and attracts more happy customers. Just look at McDonald’s. How many of us still pay with a person? They aligned the digital and in-store experience, met customer demand and improved the ICX. But what about a more complex model? Introduce production lines, supply chain, a blurred brand and leaner budget, and real expertise is needed to pull everything together.

Does the big picture mean big bucks? It can do. But it doesn’t have to. What it should do is improve your entire business model and release value at pace. However, not all digital transformation is equal. We have seen the good, the bad and the downright expensive. Without clear knowledge, experience and (super importantly) execution – the results will spend not save. So, what does a successful DT look like?

Your Digital Strategy

Essential to success, your digital strategy allows you to reach your target market effectively, use the platforms they prefer and wave goodbye to the competition. Analysing your data, business model, behaviours and goals; DFD translates the results into actionable intel and measured initiatives via product-driven methodology. In simple terms, your digital strategy and its execution are flexible and tested at every step of its journey to ensure it delivers.

Agile Programme Management

Agility; bandied around a lot but with good reason. Changeable environments such as social distancing (no one predicted that one), new launches, new customer trends and endless competition require the agility to revise your initiatives as and when the market demands it. Our agile delivery management provides the knowledge and infrastructure to proactively respond with that much-needed agility.

Business Capability Analysis

Fresh digital competition is always emerging which begs the question, is your tech meeting your existing requirements and future goals? But focus purely on shiny tech and you miss a critical step: process analysis. What obstacles are within your organisation? What is wasting time and resources? From leading tech to working processes, we produce qualitative data on how your processes are performing and make and lead robust recommendations for change.

Cultural Change Agents

Dave is one of the best ops managers you have had, but he is adverse to change and happy with his existing methods. Plus, what’s in it for him? Change is just upheaval he can do without. The hypothetical Dave is rarely alone in this thinking. Real change needs real support and is an essential element of successful Digital Transformation. We help you to drive real change within your organisation in a structured, educational way so that ‘Dave’ and all staff are change advocates and the magic has no blockade.

Digital Fabrique Development blends the right knowledge, experience and execution to DT that big brands such as Missguided, River Island and Arcadia have trusted to conquer fresh markets, improve YOY growth, wipe waste and enhance the ICX. From EPOS and in-store Wi-Fi through to customer analysis and modern store initiatives – we can help you release value quickly and incrementally without alarming your FD.

For a bit less talk and a lot more value, why not give us a shout?