Let’s Get Digital

From monetizing how customers choose to shop, through to making better, faster decisions and reducing your business costs; digital transformation holds the key

EPOS rollout is not only responsible for handling sales (not something anyone is keen to get wrong); it also gives a real-time assessment of your inventory and customer behaviours. 

ERP implementation is the heartbeat of your business. From concept to bag; it orchestrates all your business processes and ultimately defines your company’s success.

 Web replatforming can be incredibly beneficial and takes advantage of fresh, more apt tech. It’s your digital shop window and (done well) allows you to supercharge digital business (hello revenue).

 Warehouse Management System is the cornerstone of omnichannel retailing. Multiple selling channels require effective, efficient inventory management. The result is pleasingly streamlined costs, a holistic and extended view of your stock and a consistent view of your customers that drives loyalty and a positive customer experience. 

Cloud First Delivery is a shift in mindset. It provides the opportunity to accelerate business value swifter than its on-premises sibling as you can access the latest and best tech available without the maintenance of the technology stack.

 CRM has evolved over the past three decades from a customer database that allows you to send marketing messages and emails to a tool that is critical to understanding your customer irrespective of how they choose to shop. It is the key to loyalty and ultimately the lifetime value of your customers. 

Enterprise Agile Practice; we have seen the need for business agility thanks to Covid-19, and the need to adapt quickly to consumers’ ever-changing behaviours and demands (forced or unforced). An agile mindset provides the tools to deliver a new leadership approach and drive new cultural and whole-business change at scale.

But, what do they all have in common?

Firstly, these initiatives bring your online and offline customers together. It provides a consistent experience for shoppers, bonds them to your brand and allows you to maximise revenue and spend. Customers choose many different ways to shop and we have all witnessed first-hand just how quickly that can change. This ‘single view’ allows you to create the expected flexibility and better serve your customers regardless of where or how they approach you. Think, happy, loyal, motivated customers. 

Secondly, they all apply technology, process and cultural change to transform how you make business decisions, make the correct business decisions faster and do business for less. This is game-changing for any business. Labour costs, NI contributions, operational costs, raw materials – the costs of doing business keeps rising whilst revenues have taken a serious hit. Digital transformation reduces the costs of doing business and delivers the agility and foresight to lead the market and your industry. There is a reason why the likes of Google, Amazon and Apple lead the way. From diversified revenues to a unilateral digital-first experience – they have the agility to change whenever the market demands it. Thankfully, you don’t need their budget to deploy successful digital transformation.

And the final thing that they all have in common is our ability to deliver them successfully. Having delivered digital transformation for many leading brands over the last two decades, we know our stuff. 2020 saw more digital transformation than in the previous decade. Companies literally scrambled to inject the agility necessary to survive the pandemic and its ongoing effects on the economy and our habits. But many digital transformations flounder due to fuzzy definitions, a lack of knowledge and poor execution. 

But will we burn through your cash and baffle you with science?

Not our style. We approach things a bit differently. 

At Digital Fabrique Development, we work with you to identify your goals. We then collaborate with a small but precise consortium of expert and niche companies to ensure we meet them. We don’t work with flashy types who watch the clock and drain your pockets. It’s not ethical and it’s not our style. We work with people who love what they do and know the value of real digital transformation. There is no pretence, no hidden charges – just an honest, expert approach with complete transparency about what we are doing and the niche experts we knit together to ensure the outcome of your transformation programmes.

If you want to release value both quickly and incrementally throughout your business, why not give us a shout to discuss how we can help?


Consumers Vs 2020: The Results are in…

Whilst ‘pivot’, ‘transition’ and ‘new norm’ top the charts for most overused (and mildly irritating) words of 2020; no one can deny that businesses have been hit with a hammer blow by Covid-19.

It’s happened. Life has changed. Once a formerly relaxing saunter to meets friends, shop and grab lunch; the decision is now plagued by masks, restrictions and concern.

Shoppers crave the old ways (in terms of relaxation, spend and free movement) but demand the new. They seek a clear demonstration that you empathise and understand their needs. They want safety, a relaxed experience, sustainability and smart technology to support the cultural shift and their enjoyment.  

One thing is for sure: 2020 has taught us we need to be ready; we need to listen and we need the agility to give consumers precisely what they want and need if we plan to stick around.

The monumental rise in eCommerce has left e-tailers happy. But local neighbourhoods have spoken. Friendly, convenient, safe shopping experiences are sought. The entrepreneur leader – empathic to consumer desires – has a significant opportunity to give consumers exactly what they want.

No one wishes to remain glued to their sofa forever. Pure play eCommerce takes the lions share but it will never replace the human element of shopping, socialising and experience. Demand, travel restrictions, localised lockdowns and uncertainty will all push towards the next phase in retail – a high street rejuvenation for those who can unify consumer desires, safety, smart tech and the process improvements fit for the future.

Welcome to unified commerce.

Unified commerce doesn’t rely on eCommerce, tech, or bricks and mortar. It deftly combines them all. It offers the best of digital and physical assets to proactively engage with your customer in the way that they crave. For example, a customer should be able to begin shopping with you on their tablet at home, select the sale items they love from your APP on the train and then pick up exactly where they left off on arrival at your store. The assistant knows what they are looking for and makes recommendations to this effect. Cue happy customer. Frustration is banished, their customer journey is successful and they are far less likely to seek a competitor as you have interpreted and delivered at every step. Understand your customer. Build the bond. Make the sale. Digital in-store innovation can also deliver the much-needed convenience and safety aspects of the shopping experience – making it easier and safer to buy.

It’s immersive, well managed and specifically relevant for each and every customer. From your stores to social, all channels are connected, everything is purposeful, measured and effective. Oh, and sales tend to go up. A lot.

Is this where we baffle you with buzzwords and ask you to hand over fistfuls of cash? No.

Call us crazy, but excessive expenditure and soulless spreadsheets are not our thing. We value digital transformation that yields the agility to weather trends and change (even global pandemics). We look at your entire business. How do you work? What works well? What doesn’t? Where is the waste? How can we deliver your vision?

A DFD digital transformation is underpinned by agile methodology and swiftly releases value quickly and incrementally. We aren’t watching the clock. We aren’t talking a good game. We are watching results. We are creating processes that work. Resources are applied only where you need them when you need them. Our engagement is productivity-driven and we have witnessed exceptional results for the big brands we have transformed.

Missguided, River Island, Arcadia all entrust Digital Fabrique Development to get the job done and implement the correct digital action. Action that yields a sustainable, strong, profitable business of the future – whatever the ‘new norm’ looks like.

For a successful digital transformation without the hefty price tag, why not give us a shout?

eCommerce and the BIG Benefits of Replatforming

Performance issues are a thing. A website thing. From creating a poor customer experience through to preventing sales – your website shoulders hefty responsibility.

In such a competitive digital environment, your website is your modern-day shop front. Only instead of promising a few hundred in physical footfall, it can attract thousands or even millions in potential eCommerce trade.

Just as a strong website can boost sales and profits, so can a slow or outdated one impair them. Online giants Amazon found that 100 milliseconds of latency cost them 1% in sales. Doesn’t sound too much, right? Well, that translated to a loss of $1.6 billion every second. Google VP Marissa Mayer spoke at the Web 2.0 conference about speed, user experience and customer satisfaction. Google found that a half-second delay in search results resulted in a whopping 20% drop in traffic.

Your throughput might not be up there (yet) with Google or Amazon, but for any digital business – every second counts.

But is web development too slow, too costly and too inflexible to meet business demands and changes in customers’ shopping behaviours?

Apple, Amazon and Netflix think so. They have moved away from monolithic architecture for these very reasons. Monolithic architecture is tightly coupled, rigid and does not allow for agile development. This led to slow deployment, slow problem-solving and ultimately a slow time to market – every e-tailers worst nightmare.

The solution? Replatforming and breaking up your monolithic architecture into small, discrete services that are easy to manage allows you to increase your services and change direction as and when you wish to.

Introducing microservice architecture.  

Microservice architecture is now the preferred, modern choice for the leading eCommerce players. Built around simplicity and agility; microservice architecture allows you to easily build and maintain web and APP development, yields effortless integration with innovative tech such as AI and personalisation, and keeps you one step ahead of the competition.

Website replatforming means your business capability is no longer dictated or restricted by rigid tech. You have the ability to scale, enhance and build the service offering your customers demand.

The key benefits of website replatforming:

1) Move to a microservices architecture

2) Eradicate site performance issues

3) Move to the cloud and easily auto-scale to manage peaks and promotions such as Black Friday

4) Capture further sales and revenue

5) Rewrite your website with modern code allowing for responsive customer interactions – thus waving goodbye to site/mobile issues

6) Enhance CX

7) Modernise your brand

8) Tap into innovation that is cost-effective

Digital Fabrique Development is a fresh approach to digital transformation trusted by Missguided, River Island, Jack Wills, Arcadia and more. Our focus is on a bit more value and execution, and a bit less talking. With over two decades of experience in delivering eCommerce solutions and website replatforming that utilises leading microservice architecture; we provide your business with the infrastructure to stay competitive, stay agile and scale. 

Is your existing website putting the breaks on your business? If so, why not give us a shout?

Digital Transformation: All Talk and no Walk?

Traditional digital transformation consultants produced too much of said glazed expression. The dialogue was confusing and the results patchy. The other issue? It can cost the big bucks…understandably putting off many a retailer. It was a little too much talk and expense for our tastes. So, in 2013, we decided to do it ourselves. Only better.

Retailers know the value of successful digital transformation but struggle to connect the dots and elicit real tangible value both quickly and incrementally. Whether you are buying a sofa or some new shoes, life is digital. Bricks and mortar stores have been in steady decline for years – this isn’t news. But Coronavirus was a sucker punch for those who hadn’t already made the successful digital leap. From retail and hospitality to gaming and transport – 2020 has not been kind. Many have scrambled reactively and suffered financial losses but conversely, those in a strong, agile and diverse position have thrived.

Successful digital transformation is the difference.

Having spent 20 years within retail and eCommerce, we have created, led and delivered digital transformation for some big brands. From cost savings and increased revenue YOY through to increased market share and launching overseas – there is no doubt digital transformation can get you where you want to be.

So, is it all modern tech and digital platforms? No.

Real digital transformation focuses on three key areas:


From board to store level, real change needs real support. Stalled projects, time constraints, expense and lack of expertise are just a few of the hurdles. So, how do we do it better?

Well, firstly we know our stuff. From change management, board presentation and setting up agile processes through to waste elimination and implementing the right tech – we have you covered. But it is our values and approach that set us apart. Our emphasis is on a bit less talk and a lot more execution. Execution derived from real experience, understanding and expertise. Offering a competitive and holistic service, we only provide resources where you need them, when you need them. Our engagement is productivity-driven not time-driven. We 100% believe in what we do and have witnessed exceptional results for the leading brands we have transformed (we shamelessly namedrop below). We take accountability throughout the execution of your project to ensure its success and deliver a digital transformation that is simple, strategic and valuable. For a little more detail on the how and who, please click here.

The retail environment is unforgiving, highly competitive and highly changeable. Customer expectations, trends and technology are ever-changing. As 2020 continues to twist, turn and test us – Digital Fabrique Development can help diversify, fortify and future-proof your business so that you are not only ready for the next twist, but prepared and bulletproof.

We have delivered successful digital transformation for River Island, Missguided, Arcadia, Jack Wills and more.

For a bit less talk and a lot more value, why not give us a shout?

Under the Hood of Successful Digital Transformation

Let’s be honest, we would all like to reach more customers and build a business model that stands strong when faced with COVID-19 and the many other challenges thrown our way… 

From getting products quickly to market and waste reduction through to conquering new markets and diversified revenue streams; there are compelling reasons why retailers are looking at the bigger picture.

As we bounce back and adjust to the twists and turns of 2020, retailers are keen to review the store experience, safety measures, how they can learn from customers and ultimately encourage spend and satisfaction.

The digital experience is king (or queen), both online and in-store. Aligning the digital and the physical with your audience, their needs and your brand builds a formidable customer base and attracts more happy customers. Just look at McDonald’s. How many of us still pay with a person? They aligned the digital and in-store experience, met customer demand and improved the ICX. But what about a more complex model? Introduce production lines, supply chain, a blurred brand and leaner budget, and real expertise is needed to pull everything together.

Does the big picture mean big bucks? It can do. But it doesn’t have to. What it should do is improve your entire business model and release value at pace. However, not all digital transformation is equal. We have seen the good, the bad and the downright expensive. Without clear knowledge, experience and (super importantly) execution – the results will spend not save. So, what does a successful DT look like?

Your Digital Strategy

Essential to success, your digital strategy allows you to reach your target market effectively, use the platforms they prefer and wave goodbye to the competition. Analysing your data, business model, behaviours and goals; DFD translates the results into actionable intel and measured initiatives via product-driven methodology. In simple terms, your digital strategy and its execution are flexible and tested at every step of its journey to ensure it delivers.

Agile Programme Management

Agility; bandied around a lot but with good reason. Changeable environments such as social distancing (no one predicted that one), new launches, new customer trends and endless competition require the agility to revise your initiatives as and when the market demands it. Our agile delivery management provides the knowledge and infrastructure to proactively respond with that much-needed agility.

Business Capability Analysis

Fresh digital competition is always emerging which begs the question, is your tech meeting your existing requirements and future goals? But focus purely on shiny tech and you miss a critical step: process analysis. What obstacles are within your organisation? What is wasting time and resources? From leading tech to working processes, we produce qualitative data on how your processes are performing and make and lead robust recommendations for change.

Cultural Change Agents

Dave is one of the best ops managers you have had, but he is adverse to change and happy with his existing methods. Plus, what’s in it for him? Change is just upheaval he can do without. The hypothetical Dave is rarely alone in this thinking. Real change needs real support and is an essential element of successful Digital Transformation. We help you to drive real change within your organisation in a structured, educational way so that ‘Dave’ and all staff are change advocates and the magic has no blockade.

Digital Fabrique Development blends the right knowledge, experience and execution to DT that big brands such as Missguided, River Island and Arcadia have trusted to conquer fresh markets, improve YOY growth, wipe waste and enhance the ICX. From EPOS and in-store Wi-Fi through to customer analysis and modern store initiatives – we can help you release value quickly and incrementally without alarming your FD.

For a bit less talk and a lot more value, why not give us a shout?