Let’s Get Digital

From monetizing how customers choose to shop, through to making better, faster decisions and reducing your business costs; digital transformation holds the key

EPOS rollout is not only responsible for handling sales (not something anyone is keen to get wrong); it also gives a real-time assessment of your inventory and customer behaviours. 

ERP implementation is the heartbeat of your business. From concept to bag; it orchestrates all your business processes and ultimately defines your company’s success.

 Web replatforming can be incredibly beneficial and takes advantage of fresh, more apt tech. It’s your digital shop window and (done well) allows you to supercharge digital business (hello revenue).

 Warehouse Management System is the cornerstone of omnichannel retailing. Multiple selling channels require effective, efficient inventory management. The result is pleasingly streamlined costs, a holistic and extended view of your stock and a consistent view of your customers that drives loyalty and a positive customer experience. 

Cloud First Delivery is a shift in mindset. It provides the opportunity to accelerate business value swifter than its on-premises sibling as you can access the latest and best tech available without the maintenance of the technology stack.

 CRM has evolved over the past three decades from a customer database that allows you to send marketing messages and emails to a tool that is critical to understanding your customer irrespective of how they choose to shop. It is the key to loyalty and ultimately the lifetime value of your customers. 

Enterprise Agile Practice; we have seen the need for business agility thanks to Covid-19, and the need to adapt quickly to consumers’ ever-changing behaviours and demands (forced or unforced). An agile mindset provides the tools to deliver a new leadership approach and drive new cultural and whole-business change at scale.

But, what do they all have in common?

Firstly, these initiatives bring your online and offline customers together. It provides a consistent experience for shoppers, bonds them to your brand and allows you to maximise revenue and spend. Customers choose many different ways to shop and we have all witnessed first-hand just how quickly that can change. This ‘single view’ allows you to create the expected flexibility and better serve your customers regardless of where or how they approach you. Think, happy, loyal, motivated customers. 

Secondly, they all apply technology, process and cultural change to transform how you make business decisions, make the correct business decisions faster and do business for less. This is game-changing for any business. Labour costs, NI contributions, operational costs, raw materials – the costs of doing business keeps rising whilst revenues have taken a serious hit. Digital transformation reduces the costs of doing business and delivers the agility and foresight to lead the market and your industry. There is a reason why the likes of Google, Amazon and Apple lead the way. From diversified revenues to a unilateral digital-first experience – they have the agility to change whenever the market demands it. Thankfully, you don’t need their budget to deploy successful digital transformation.

And the final thing that they all have in common is our ability to deliver them successfully. Having delivered digital transformation for many leading brands over the last two decades, we know our stuff. 2020 saw more digital transformation than in the previous decade. Companies literally scrambled to inject the agility necessary to survive the pandemic and its ongoing effects on the economy and our habits. But many digital transformations flounder due to fuzzy definitions, a lack of knowledge and poor execution. 

But will we burn through your cash and baffle you with science?

Not our style. We approach things a bit differently. 

At Digital Fabrique Development, we work with you to identify your goals. We then collaborate with a small but precise consortium of expert and niche companies to ensure we meet them. We don’t work with flashy types who watch the clock and drain your pockets. It’s not ethical and it’s not our style. We work with people who love what they do and know the value of real digital transformation. There is no pretence, no hidden charges – just an honest, expert approach with complete transparency about what we are doing and the niche experts we knit together to ensure the outcome of your transformation programmes.

If you want to release value both quickly and incrementally throughout your business, why not give us a shout to discuss how we can help?